Carved Stones and Cameos

EXPERT: Jacopo Guglielmi
Phone. +39 055 2396546

Jacopo Guglielmi is a mechanical engineer that graduated the University of Florence and began working in the jewelry sector in 2002, preferring to follow the family business to the profession of engineer.
Jacopo first became a partner and then owner of the "Cesare Mannelli" company that was founded in 1875, having a notable historical workshop in the field of precious and semiprecious stones.

Jacopo Guglielmi possesses wide experience in the application of old and new technologies of jewelry making and in the jewelry restoration through the use of the same techniques. His technical studies prove particularly useful in metallurgy and in the use of modern techniques such as the use of lasers and digital modeling of jewelry. His technical abilities are all combined with an innate craftiness and a particular creative vein.

Jacopo Guglielmi collaborates with Curio Auction House in Florence for the evaluation of engraved stones and cameos as well as watches restoratation and repairs.

Jacopo Guglielmi

Jacopo Guglielmi