Request a free estimate of Jewels

Curio Srl, auction house in Florence, is pleased to offer provisional auction estimates free of
charge for jewels and watches which we consider appropriate for auction. 
It is also possible to send photos of the jewellery, accompanied by all the helpful information for
the evaluation, to receive from our experts an indicative estimate.
Estimates, appraisals for patrimonial use and gemmological analyzes
Our experts will analyze and estimate the assets in your possession without any fees, with the
purpose of including them in our periodically organized auctions. We also carry out expertise on
jewellery and watches for third parties for any other use. We also offer gemmological analysis of
the gems in the possession of our clients in collaboration with accredited experts.

Mandate to Sell

If you decide to put items on sale at Curio Srl, a Mandate to Sell will be drawn up with and the
list of all the objects that you intend to consign to the auction house will be specified, including
the reserve prices, the Seller’s Commission rate for the services we provide and any costs for
insurance, photographs and shipment. A valid ID, a proof of address, and other information if
necessary, must be provided as requested by Italian law.

The Mandate to Sale act in the name and on behalf of the consignors, therefore Curio Srl does not replace the seller in dealings with third parties. If you are required to issue an invoice, you will receive, together with the final statement, the list of the names of the buyers to proceed with
the invoicing.
The reserve price is the minimum amount, before commission under which the consigned piece cannot be sold.  The reserve price amount is agreed between the seller and Curio srl, therefore it is not disclosed to third parts.  If the reserve is not meet during the sale, the lot will be unsold.  

Commissions and Sale Rights

Curio SRL will apply a commission of 12% on the sold lots, in addition to VAT and insurance, which will be deducted from the hammer price.

The Droit de Suite (Legislative Decree n. 118 of 13 February 2006) is due in case of sale ofì figurative artworks or manuscripts.  This is a fee corresponding to a percentage of the sale price to be charged to any the sale after the first one.  This sum is paid by the seller and is due for all
subsequent transactions in which they participate as the seller, buyer, or intermediary.
This payment is due if the sale price is above 3.000,00 euro and is determined as follows:

4% for the part of the sale price between 3,000 and 50,000 euros.
3% for the part of the sale price between 50,000.01 and 200,000 euros.
1% for the part of the sale price between 200,000.01 and 350,000 euros.

0.5% for the part of the sale price between 350,000.01 and 500,000 euros.
0.25% for the part of the sale price above 500,000.

Curio SRL is required to pay the Droit de Suite on behalf of the sellers to the Società italiana degli autori ed editori (SIAE).
Once the auction has closed, you will receive the list of lots with the relative outcome. Unsold lots can be collected or, by agreement with our experts, included in following auctions. In case of Asta Shop, the time of sale and return will be agreed upon the signature of the Mandate to Sell.
The Customer will be liquidated, after issuing a statement containing in details the commissions and other charges already agreed, between forty and sixty days after the online sales auction or, in the case of Asta Shop or direct sale at the venue of Curio SRL, always after the payments have
been received in full.