Precious Stone and Gemmological Analysis

EXPERT: Chiara Masini
Phone. +39 055 2396546

Graduated from GIA, Italian Gemmological Institute, in 2006, at HRD in 2013, at GEM-A London in 2017 for diamonds and colored stones. He has been working in the sector for twenty years, working as a gemologist and consultant.

The Department of Precious Stones and Gemmological Analysis works closely with the Department of Jewelery and Watches, providing advice on the status of stone stones, quality, cuts and commercial value. In fact, to provide a complete service Curio examines the jewel in every aspect and provides detailed analysis of the materials in such a way as to give the right value to each piece.
Esperta del Dipartimento

Esperta del Dipartimento

Chiara Masini
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