The Jewellery Department, headed by Laura Patrizia Barbieri, founder of the Curio Auction House, aims to offer at least four jewellery auctions per year, one every two months. In these sales, the selection of Antique, Modern and Design Jewellery is careful and sophisticated.

The Jewellery Department is aimed at a refined collector who knows how to appreciate not only high jewellery creations or creations signed by well-known Maisons, but also antique jewellery made by craftsmen. The aim of the Jewellery Department is to offer the possibility for everyone to sell, in jewellery auctions, their goods with security or to buy them with a guarantee of competence and seriousness.

The Curio Auction House offers the possibility of buying jewellery at auction, pieces that are always selected and appraised by its experts. This is, without a doubt, a fundamental role of the auction house, to act as a trusted intermediary between supply and demand, serving both parties, and guiding them towards the best choices to make: on the one hand the seller who wishes to make the maximum profit from the sale of jewellery at auction and, on the other hand, the buyer to be assisted and guided towards the best purchase according to his budget and wishes. The objective of the Jewellery Department is to research, select, appraise and catalogue rare, original, high quality, or unusual, curious and unusual jewellery.

Antique jewellery, beautiful for its stones and workmanship, modern jewellery, or jewellery signed by well-known Maisons such as Cartier, Boucheron, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels, Harry Winston, Pomellato, Buccellati, as well as handmade jewellery made by master goldsmiths are periodically offered for auction.

Curio Casa d'Aste is the first auction house specialising in jewellery in Italy, a supremacy that, over time, has made us the leading experts in the field of selling jewellery at auction and its valuation. Our jewellery experts are present throughout the country and organise jewellery valuation days in order to acquire new material. The valuation of jewellery is free, confidential and completely private; our experts are also available to meet with clients to answer any questions and satisfy any needs regarding jewellery and watches.
Dr Laura Patrizia Barbieri holds a degree in History of Art with a specialisation in Applied Arts and Goldsmithing from the University of Florence. Laura began her experience in the jewellery sector more than twenty years ago with the organisation and management of antique and vintage jewellery exhibitions in Italy and France for the jeweller Carlo Ferrero Zendrini. Until 2012, she collaborated with Pandolfini Casa d'Aste in Florence, then she was the director of Davide Halevim Unique Auctions Casa d'Aste in Rome and, for a short time, she collaborated with Finarte Casa d'Aste in Rome, as an expert in jewellery, antique furniture and furnishings.

She is registered as an Expert and Expert at the Chamber of Commerce of Florence for jewellery, antiques and objets d'art and as an Expert at the Court of the same city as an expert in jewellery, furniture, antique furnishings and design.
Department Auctions
Laura Patrizia Barbieri

Laura Patrizia Barbieri

Expert of the Department