Captions in catalog - Terms of purchase

Estimates of the catalogue are in Euro.

The valuations are purely indicative and based on the average market price of comparable items, on the state of preservation, and the quality of the object itself. All statements made in our catalogues are made subject to the provision of the condition of sale. Every indication of the author, attribution, date, origin, provenance and condition, has subjective nature and is provided for information only.

The following are example of the terminology used in our catalogues:

1)Bulgari – in our best judgment, it is an original item from the brand.

2) Style of – on our opinion a work executed in the indicated style, but could be made later.

3) Signed - indicates that the item was signed by the artist or from the goldsmith house.

4) Contains signature and/or date and/or inscription - in our opinion, the marks seem to have been added at a later date or created by another hand.

5) Not functional - the object does not work and may not be repairable.

6) To revise - the object is functional, but needs repair.

7) In excellent condition - the object is as if it were new.