Curio Srl is in charge of selling the consigned items in the name and on behalf of the consignors, acting exclusively and in accordance with the client to sell the consigned items to the agreed amount. The effects of this sale involve only the Seller and the Purchaser, without any liability for Curio Srl, apart from those derived from the consignment agreement.

The estimate shown in the online catalogue expresses an indicative market value established by our experts for potential buyers. The final price of the lots may differ from the estimate values indicated, as it depends on the variables that characterize the market. The estimates indicated in the online catalogue may be subject to revision and do not include the purchase commission or VAT.
The Buyer can bid online on the offered lots after which, if winning, he will be contacted by Curio Srl to arrange the payment and the shipment.
The Buyer must pay Curio Srl an auction commission of 25%, inclusive of VAT.
Bidding in the auction is subject to prior registration of the customer by filling, before the start of the sale, the online form with personal details and attaching a valid identification document and providing any other requested information. The customer will be assigned a user ID and password that will allow to bid on each individual lot. The bids will be registered by the system.
In any case, our computer system creates automatic e-mail messages, push notifications if an IOS app is used, to inform participants in real time on the progress of the auction. After the closing time of the auction, the winning bidder will receive all the information with the balance of their purchases. It should be noted that the auction house rights must be added to the hammer price, as per the purchase conditions set out above, which the participants declare inadvance that they have read and accepted.

Curio srl will hold the successful bidders solely responsible for the payment. Customers who participate in the auction on behalf of a company must have a specific proxy signed by the legal representative together with any other document requested as well as an ID document.
The estimates shown on the online catalogue are in Euros, are purely indicative and may vary.
The provided descriptions represent information subjectively processed and are also indicative.
Curio srl assumes no responsibility for the truthfulness and correctness of the information and the estimates.
The reserve price corresponds to the minimum value agreed with the seller and the goods cannot be sold below that amount. This value could be equal or less than the minimum estimate indicated in the online catalogue.
It is always possible and advisable to view in person the lots before the auction, at our office, by appointment. The viewing aims to examine the conservation, the condition and the quality of the lots. On this occasion it will be possible to speak directly with our experts for any information
and clarifications. If you are unable to attend the viewing, you can request a condition report via the website or writing to
Each lot included in the online sale is accompanied by a fact sheet containing the detailed description of the object and the condition. The fineness of the metals and the weights of the precious gems are approximate, unless otherwise indicated. The gemmological elements shown are to be considered personal opinions of the gemmologist as they are formulated without removing the gems from the setting, with the exception of those accompanied by result of the gemmological analysis issued by gemmological laboratories accredited at Camera di Commercio or other Public Bodies.
In the fact sheet of the watches is reported the fineness of the metals, the brand, the conditions and any visible fault. Curio srl is not liable for any hidden faults or replacements of any parts or mechanisms.
Curio srl reserves the right to withdraw any lot from the auction, change its order during the auction and to join and separate any lots.

Terms of Payment

After the successful bid, Curio Srl will issue the invoice with the details of the lot, the commissions and other agreed costs.
The lot must be payed within seven days from the date of the sale. Only after receiving the full payments, the items can be picked up in person at our office in Florence, Lungarno Amerigo Vespucci n. 6R, or collect by courier. It this case the shipping costs will be charged to the buyer.
The details of shipment will be agreed between the parties, depending on the necessary time tosend the object from the Curio srl to the address provided by the buyer.
Curio srl accepts payments exclusively from anyone other than the buyer indicated in the purchase invoice in the following ways:

-Bank transfer
BANK: Chianti Banca
IBAN: IT16E0867321503067000572613

-In cash: we accept payments within the limits regulated by the current law. Please note that starting from 1 July 2020 and until 31 December 2021, unless any change of the law, the limit of cash payments in a single solution is reduced from € 3,000 to € 2,000. From January 1, 2022, the
limit will further decrease to € 1,000.  If a third person is used to collect property from Curio Srl, please provide a letter of authorisation, a copy of your paid invoice, the receipt of the paymentand a personal ID.

Collection of Lots

The successful bidder will take care to collect the purchased and paid lots. Curio srl will be released from any liability in relation to the safekeeping and possible deterioration of the uncollected items. Curio srl also reserves the right to charge a weekly storage cost of € 20 until the lots in storage until these are collected by the owners. Upon express indication by the purchaser, Curio srl may, at the expense and risk of the purchaser, take care of the packaging and transport services, after the costs relating to these services have been paid in full. If the lots are not paid in full Curio srl will take any necessary legal measures.
Curio srl presents the lots on the online catalogue, each accompanied by a descriptive fact sheet which shows visible imperfections of each described item. Curio srl is not liable for hidden faults and damages of the goods offered for sale.
Any complaints must be communicated in writing to Curio srl, Lungarno Amerigo Vespucci 6 /R, Florence, anticipated by a phone call. In case complaint regarding the originality of the materials and the signature of the purchased item, the buyer must confirm this complaint with a written report issued by an expert authorized to deal with the matter. Opinions rendered by unqualified persons will not be considered.
The Curio’s auction sales are public, open to all, and everyone can participate and bid after completing the registration. In the event of winning of a lot by a sold by a trader (art. 3 comma 1 lettera c del Codice del Consumo) and the buyer is an online consumer (art. 3 comma 1 lettera a del Codice del Consumo) it will not have the right to cancel the purchase of a lot as provided for distance contracts, since the sales contract is concluded at a public auction (art.45, comma 1, lettera O del Codice del Consumo).

Buyers are required to comply with Italian laws and European regulations, and to Legislative Decree n. 42 of 2004 (the so-called Codice dei beni culturali e del paesaggio) which rules the export outside Italy. The export outside the European Community is subject to speficic rules as by the EEC Regulation n. 116/2009. The export of objects is regulated by the aforementioned regulations and by specific customs and tax laws.
Curio srl declines any responsibility towards the buyers regarding any restrictions on the export of the winning lots. In the event of exercise of the right of pre-emption (diritto di prelazione) by the Italian State, the successful bidder will not be able to claim any refund or compensation from Curio srl or from the Seller.

Failure by the successful bidder to obtain the necessary export authorizations outside the Italian or European territory does not constitute a right of withdrawal and does not imply any right to reimbursement of the sums paid by Curio srl.
The cost of requesting any export licence is exclusively on the buyer.
Please note that the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES),forbid to import and / or (re) export specimens protected the convention that do not have the necessary permits. These certifications are issued by the CITES offices of the Carabinieri.
Example indication of protected specimens:
- elephant ivory tusks and objects,
- red and pink corals (corallium elatius, japonicum, konjoi, secundum),
- black corals (antipatharia),
- blue corals (heliopora coerulea),
- stony corals (scleractinia),
- organ corals (tubiporidae),
- fire corals (milleporidae),
- coral lace (stylasteridae).
These Purchase Conditions are automatically accepted by those who bid for the auction. The jurisdiction of the Court of Florence is established for all disputes.

These Purchase Conditions are automatically accepted by those who participate in the auction.
The jurisdiction of the Court of Florence is established for all disputes.